Welcome to a sonic journey through Elementary Sounds, a captivating company crafting cutting-edge Sample Libraries and VST Plugins. In this review, we delve into their enchanting collection, introducing you to an array of instruments that surprised and delighted us. Drawing parallels to the aesthetic of a beloved sample library, Felt Instruments, I couldn’t resist reaching out to Elementary Sounds to experience their plugins firsthand. After a week of immersion, I was pleasantly taken aback by their exceptional sound quality and user-friendly interface.

Unveiling Elementary Sounds’ Unique Instrument Palette

Elementary Sounds boasts an intriguing quartet of sample-based instruments: Wremena One & Two, Tayna, and Reka. Each instrument exudes a mysterious yet inviting warmth, painting a captivating ambient soundscape that musicians and producers alike will appreciate. The intuitive controls extend to mic selection, Attack & Release Envelopes, and additional features such as Warmth and Compression. Notably, these standalone plugins eliminate the need for external sample players, streamlining your creative process.

Discovering the Wremena Series: Sublime Guitars and Bass

Central to the collection, the Wremena One & Two plugins are centered around electric guitars and bass. While sampling expressive instruments like guitars poses challenges, Elementary Sounds deftly captures their nuanced character. The mellow, well-balanced tones coupled with articulation options create an immersive experience. The deliberately unpolished samples yield a warm and organic sound that convincingly emulates live guitars.

The true magic unfolds with the X-Slider, manipulated via the mod wheel. This transformative control imparts an ethereal quality, transitioning effortlessly from pristine tones to dreamy, reversed ambient sounds with delicate glissando effects. A notable addition is the Harmonics articulation, a boon for guitar novices seeking to infuse their compositions with intricate tonal textures.

Tayna: A Reverberating Journey through a 70s Rhodes Electric Piano

Enter Tayna, a mesmerizing instrument fashioned from a 70s Rhodes electric piano. Departing from the ordinary, Elementary Sounds infuses this plugin with a distinct character. Retaining the beloved Rhodes essence, they elevate it by infusing a touch of grit and warmth through meticulous sampling techniques. Notably, the X-Slider propels Tayna into a new realm. Its dual patches, sustain, and stylized sustain, unveil unique dimensions — one reverse-engineered and enriched with effects, while the other conjures a nostalgic cassette playback effect, both breathing life into the instrument.

Exploring Reka: Unearthly Charms of the Soviet-Lithuanian Piano

Lastly, we encounter Reka, inspired by the digital Soviet-Lithuanian piano Venta EM-17. A rarity in itself, this instrument deviates from conventional pianos, emanating dark and synth-like tones. Amidst the ambient-leaning ensemble, Reka stands as the epitome of ambience. The X-Slider introduces an exquisite string-like pad beneath the primary sound, crafting a harmonically-rich, gritty wave that enhances melody and chord progressions with depth and texture.

The Harmonious Conclusion

Elementary Sounds impresses with their meticulous dedication to sonic excellence. Their commitment to refining the sampling process resonates in the exquisite sounds these plugins produce. In an era teeming with sample libraries, Elementary Sounds distinguishes itself through instruments that marry character, user-friendliness, and inspiring soundscapes.

The X-Slider emerges as a game-changer, effortlessly shaping the plugins’ tonal nuances. Additionally, the instruments’ core “clean” tones radiate warmth, making them outstanding candidates for mix integration. A pivotal consideration lies in their pricing: ranging from 39€ to 69€, these instruments offer remarkable value in today’s market.

As someone constantly curating their sonic toolkit, I can confidently say that Elementary Sounds has secured a spot in my favorites folder. I wholeheartedly recommend immersing yourself in their world and embarking on your sonic exploration.