Matthew S, is a Music producer, live performer and sound designer from Vicenza, in northern Italy. He began in 2006 with the release of his first EP and then worked on other projects for different labels. He decided to focus on electro music in order to use its eclectic features: it is really versatile, contaminated and suggestive.

Currently, he is professor of Ableton production and DJ at the Istituto Musicale Veneto di Thiene and at the PantaRhei in Vicenza. He collaborated as a sound designer with Gruppo l’Espresso and Gruppo Magnolia, a TV production society leader in creating new entertainment formats that include different genres.

In 2015 he produced his first album with Von Felthen, a fashion designer, called “Call Me By Your Name”. Thanks to his innovative and refreshing approach to music, he was chosen by MTV as the Best New Generation in 2015, achieving the title at the MTV Digital Days in the same yearHe also received the prize “Città di Thiene 2015”.

In 2016, with the INRI Records label, he began to publish some projects like Maneki Neko, Inside and the Tokai’s remix by Anti Anti. He also published with Sony a remix of Lemandorle – Le Ragazze. In September, he was invited by MTV Italia in Turin for the MTV Digital Days 2016 where he taught an Ableton class. The same year, he became “Artist Ambassador” for Arturia, one of the main brands in the world for music’s hardware and software.

In 2017, Matthew S released the single “Disco Ball” and in the following year he released the album First. The voices of Leiner Riflessi (ex-Dear Jack’s front man and contestant from series 8 of the Italian X Factor) and IVYE (Landlord’s voice from series 9 of X Factor) show off respectively, Touch,” which has house and underground sounds, and “Don’t bring me down” with sounds closer to electronic dance music. “Island”, one of the opening tracks of First, features Tullia, a young songwriter from Vicenza. The single “Touch” appeared on MTV Italy’s Dance Top 10 throughout the summer. It also received airplay on the radio.

In 2019, Matthew S released the single “Waves on The Moon”, shifting focus away from the limitations of modern music to create an atmospheric track, and in the following months he released the single “Bounce” in collaboration with Cucina Sonora.

On March 27, 2020 he released “Daydream” (for INRI Classic), a single in collaboration with the accordionist Pietro Roffi and the pianist Gian Marco Castro written during the coronavirus quarantine.

In the year 2021, Matthew S, presented his collaborative single “Marea” with Guatemalan artist Kathy Palma. The track’s fusion of classical and electronic sounds was well-received, paving the way for Matthew S to further explore the intersection of different musical genres.

The following year, Matthew S continued to experiment with musical fusion, releasing the EP “Rebirth,” a mesmerizing blend of analog instruments and electronic that captivated listeners with its unique sound. The inclusion of Pablo Ortega on the cello elevated the EP’s classical elements, adding depth and complexity to the already rich soundscape.

On February 3, 2023, Matthew S released “No Goodbye.” This track is the epitome of his artistic philosophy, which is centered on combining diverse musical elements to create a one-of-a-kind, emotive sound experience. The interplay between electronic and ambient music in “No Goodbye” is remarkable, taking listeners on a surreal journey to a dreamy dimension. The track’s ethereal quality encourages listeners to reflect on their emotions and contemplate the beauty of the world around them.