As a sound designer for the Espresso infographic, I have created an immersive sound base that has enriched the readers’ visual experience. For this work, I used sound design techniques to effectively integrate audio with visual information, managing the entire audio production process from recording to final mixing.


As a sound designer for the Talent League of Boxing, I helped create an immersive audio experience for the regional team championship. I had the privilege of collaborating with Pino Insegno for the recording of the voices, creating vocal recordings that added an additional level of involvement. Using my sound design skills, I created realistic and engaging sound effects to emphasize the energy and intensity of the fights. Also, I adapted the sound bases and sound effects to suit the different distribution channels of the championship.


As a sound designer for BFF 2013 Milano – Ride in Lambrate, I helped create an immersive audio experience for the Bicycle Film Festival event. I have worked closely with the production and organization team of Ciclica.cc to ensure a high-quality audiovisual experience. Using my skills, I created sound elements that seamlessly integrated with the videos and presentations of the event, capturing the spirit and energy of the festival.


As a sound designer for Magnolia Group, I had the opportunity to create and insert jingles and short sound tracks within advertising spaces, reality shows, and programs produced by the company. I worked closely with the editors to ensure perfect synchronization between the audio and the image.

ANAS – Azienda Nazionale Autonoma delle Strade Statali

I worked as a sound designer for ANAS, focusing on the research and creation of sounds for the realization of a piece of music dedicated to road traffic news.
In this experience, I have dedicated myself to identifying and selecting sounds suitable to effectively represent the different situations and problems related to road traffic. As a sound designer, I conducted extensive research to find audio samples that could convey the urgency and importance of traffic information in a clear and engaging way.