If you’re a musician or a producer looking for an innovative way to manipulate sound, then Liquid is exactly what you need. In this article, we will explore this live granulation plugin that offers a wide range of creative possibilities to enrich your musical performances.

What is Liquid?

Liquid is a live granulation effect that takes incoming audio and chops it up into small, seamless granules, each of which plays individually on a loop. These granules are then modulated by equations simulating a liquid, creating fluid-like movements, introducing random pitch modulations, and an expansive stereo image.

Key Features

1. Limitless Creativity

Liquid offers you the opportunity to explore a world of limitless creativity. With its ability to fragment audio into small granules and modulate these granules in a liquid-like manner, you can create unique and exciting sounds.

2. Precise Control

You have total control over the amount of movement in the liquid simulation and the intensity it has on the playback rate (pitch) of the granules. You can see how changing the parameters affects the visualization running in the background. Actual data from the simulation is used to modulate the parameters.

3. Expansive Stereo Image

Liquid allows you to control how much pan is added to each granule individually. The positions of the granules on the screen are directly mapped to their panning, creating an expansive stereo image that will captivate the listener.

Creative Applications

Warm and Dynamic Sounds

Liquid is capable of creating warm and dynamic sounds that will add depth and interest to your music. It’s perfect for adding a touch of originality to your compositions.

Precise Sound Design

If you’re working on soundtracks or projects where sound design is essential, Liquid provides the precise control you need to achieve the perfect sound.

Live Performances

Thanks to its real-time audio granulation capabilities, Liquid is an ideal tool for live performances. You can create unique and astonishing sounds right on stage.


Liquid runs as a VST3 or AudioUnit on both Mac and Windows. We are currently working on adding AAX support. If you’d like to be informed when it becomes available, please subscribe to our newsletter.


Liquid is a live granulation plugin that opens new doors to musical creativity. With its precise control and liquid-like modulation capabilities, it’s an essential resource for every musician and producer. Experiment with Liquid and discover a world of sonic possibilities that will change the way you create music.

For more information on how Liquid works, please watch the demonstration video below.

Watch the Demonstration Video

Note: For further details on technical specifications and for purchasing, please visit the official Inorganic Audio website.