Futurephonic presents Rhythmizer Ultra, the next-generation MIDI randomizer that’s set to revolutionize your music production process. With just a single note, you can connect to your favorite synth or sampler and unleash an array of rhythmic patterns, melodic adventures, and even high-octane CC manipulation.

Key Features of Rhythmizer Ultra

Rhythmizer Ultra comes packed with a host of essential features:

  • Infinite MIDI Randomization: Generate endless randomised MIDI sequences.
  • Scale and Rhythm Probabilities: Tweak the probabilities of scale and rhythm to create unique musical patterns.
  • Custom Scales: Build your own scales for more personalized music production.
  • Poly Stack Mode: Generate harmony with the new Poly Stack mode.
  • Ergonomic Step Sequencer: Enjoy a more user-friendly music production experience with the ergonomic step sequencer.
  • Advanced LFO Pitch Bending with Bend Mode: Create more dynamic sounds with advanced LFO pitch bending.
  • Random Gating and Velocity: Add variety to your music with random gating and velocity.
  • MIDI Loop Button: Loop your favorite sequences with the MIDI Loop button.
  • Randomized MIDI CC Messages: Assign randomized MIDI CC messages for more complex soundscapes.

Rhythm Section

The Rhythm Section allows you to tap into rhythmic complexity with three Groove knobs, controlling subdivisions and pattern nuances. The built-in Step Sequencer, featuring our Random Step slider, plus a Density knob allows for subtle or drastic variations. Fine-tune your timing with Swing and Human controls, and experiment with dynamic range using Velocity and Gate controls or LFO mode.

Melody Section

The Melody section offers Scale and Bend modes for full-spectrum melody and harmony. Choose from built-in scales or create your own Custom Scales, exploring multiple octaves and directions. Our Poly Stack feature enables complex chords based on scales or custom intervals. Add an organic touch with Scatter and tweak pitch bends in Bend Mode with comprehensive controls.

CC Mapping

Rhythmizer Ultra offers extensive control over synth parameters via MIDI CC in Map Mode. With four map slots, manipulate almost any element in your setup. Seamless integration is made possible through preset maps for popular synths.

Fully CPU Optimized

Run multiple instances of Rhythmizer Ultra without stressing your CPU. In our tests, ten instances registered just 1% CPU usage. Unleash your creativity without limitations.

In conclusion, Rhythmizer Ultra proves to be a fascinating and fun plugin. This tool, despite its compact size, is capable of generating a wide variety of MIDI-based musical inspirations. Whether you’re looking to create engaging rhythms, unpredictable melodies, or high-intensity CC manipulations, Rhythmizer Ultra is ready to transform your music production process into an exciting adventure. We can’t wait to see how you will use this extraordinary tool to bring your musical ideas to life. Have fun with Rhythmizer Ultra!