Weeping Wall is a groundbreaking innovation in the world of audio production. Described as a “zen garden of responsive sound,” this tool offers a unique audio experience, responding and reflecting the most recent sounds in a continuous flow of sonic changes.

Dynamic Microloopers

At the heart of Weeping Wall is a set of microloopers that automatically record based on input detection. Each new sound is smoothly introduced and replaces older sounds, resulting in a group of sounds that always reflect the most recent input. Each looper behaves independently – their size can vary and they will beat against each other as they phase. Up to 5 loopers are available for recording, with repitching and reverse controls.

“Jitter” Control

A dedicated “jitter” control allows you to randomly vary the size of each looper on each loop, creating variations that will never be heard again. This feature adds an element of unpredictability and uniqueness to each production, making every experience with Weeping Wall unique.

Versatility and Compatibility

Weeping Wall can be used as an effect directly on a track, or as a send effect. It is designed to be a modular tool; it doesn’t include reverb, EQ, saturation, flutter, etc., but it integrates extremely well with these. Weeping Wall is a brand new effect that can be used in any number of creative ways: you can place it fully wet in front of a reverb, place a hint of it behind a saturator, combine it with your favorite pitch modulation – whatever you can dream. Moreover, it is fully compatible with automation and modulators like Ableton CV, broadening the horizons even further.

Positive Feedback

Weeping Wall is an excellent addition to any producer’s toolbox. Its ability to listen, learn, and respond to sounds creates a sonic atmosphere that is both organic and dynamic. Its versatility and its ability to integrate with other effects make it an excellent option for a wide range of audio applications. Additionally, its compatibility with automation and modulators opens up new possibilities for sonic experimentation. In summary, Weeping Wall is an exciting innovation that takes audio production to new levels of creativity and expression.